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New for 2021 Agritech-IS Ltd, launches NEOPREDISAN® 135-1

NEOPREDISAN® 135-1 a patented disinfectant to control endoparasites. Intestinal tracts that are infected by endoparasites, such as stomach worms, roundworms, (ascaris suum, heterakis) coccidial oocysts (E. acervulina, E.maxima, E.tenella, and E. isospora suis) and Cryptosporidia can cause serious health and welfare issues, along with impaired performance by reduced growth. Birds and animals infected will excrete worm eggs or coccidia oocysts, which in-turn will reinfect the flock or herd increasing the environmental pressure within the animal house. The use of a proven anti-coccidial or deworming programme, along with house disinfection using NEOPREDISAN® 135-1 is key to the continued control of endoparasites, enhancing performance.

NEOPREDISAN® 135-1 is the only disinfectant proven to kill the eggs of Heterakis, which is key for the control of Histomoniasis (Black Head) in poultry. It is also prove to kill Clostridia perfringens the precursor of Necrotic enteritis.

Broad Spectrum Disinfection 

Tested and approved by the German Veterinary Society (DVG) against the following:

Parasitic protozoa*   (Coccidia and Cryptosporida) 2.5 % – 2 h 
Coccidia (isospora suis)*2.0 % – 1 h 
Clostridia*4.0 % – 1 h
Worm eggs (ascaris suum)* 2.0 % – 2 h
Worm eggs (heterakis)*2.0 % – 2 h 
Enveloped viruses*2.0 % – 2 h
Bacteria*0.75 % – 1⁄2 h

NEOPREDISAN® 135-1NEOPREDISAN® 135-1 is approved by Red Tractor for the control of endoparasites.

37.5% more activity than Interkokask for the control of Coccidial oocysts*

Kills Clostridia perfringens* (precursor of Necrotic enteritis)

Proven to kill the eggs of Heterakis* (to prevent Blackhead)

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