• Farm Hygiene

Hygiene Condition Enhancers

Formic acid and Sodium Formate which are the only EU approved hygiene condition enhancers can be added to water or feed as a bacterial decontaminating agent (including but not limited to Salmonella), to improve feed hygiene.


Minerals and trace elements

Animals need at least 15 minerals for good health and productivity such as calcium and phosphorus. Trace elements such as copper and zinc act as cofactors of enzymes which are important for maintaining health, immunity, growth, production and reproduction of animals and can be added via the drinking water.

Phos +


Protect feed and water against deterioration caused by bacteria and can act as acidity regulators to adjust the pH of water or feedingstuffs.


4t-fi Organic 8kg

4t-fi Organic

Specialised Disinfectants

Disinfectants for the targeted control of excreted endo-parasites such as coccidial oocysts, cryptosporidia and worm eggs.


Specialised Treatments

A range of products to improve environment and welfare within livestock housing.


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